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    Particulars of the person requiring special assistance

    We will only use it to clarify any issues with regard to your attendance, not for advertising or promotional purposes

    Card proving level of disability (a photocopy must be submitted together with the currently valid original for purposes of comparison):

    We must remind you that pursuant to the requirements of Royal Decree 665/1999, of April 23, which specifies that upon boarding of all ships, the particulars of all persons with impaired mobility who will be aboard during the voyage will be recorded, with an indication of their exact location, and this information will be recorded on a list to be made available to the crew. On board our ships, a special area has been provided so that you can travel assisted by our personnel in the greatest comfort, with your safety guaranteed. Accordingly, by signing this application, you undertake to remain in your assigned space during your trip, and should you leave it, you must notify your assistant, otherwise the Company will not be held liable for whatever may happen during the trip.

    NOTE: as a general rule, and for reasons of operational safety, persons with impaired mobility will be the first to embark and the last to disembark. Moreover, NAVIERA ARMAS, S.A. cannot guarantee that there will be places available for handicapped travellers if notice is not given with at least 24 hours’ advance notice.

    Call Centre - 902 456 500