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    The BEST CHOICE for your FUTURE 

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    Armas Correduría de Seguros, S.L., wishes to provide a comprehensive and direct service for all types of insurance that you or your close ones may need, for example:


    • Casa
    • Coche
    • Corazón
    • Tercera Edad

    Our advantage is that we are able to get in contact with the insurance company that offers you the best cover on the market at the best price, keeping the bonuses from previous insurance policies, and offering you:

    • Direct management of any type of incident with the insurance company at our facilities.
    • A ‘tailor-made’ insurance policy with professional advice.
    • A study of each case, with the option of financing the premiums.

    C/ Dr. Juan Domínguez Pérez, nº 2 (El Sebadal)
    35008 Las Palmas de Gran Canaria
    Tf: 928 32 73 42
    Fx: 928 32 73 43
    Em: dpto.armasseguros@naviera-armas.com

    Call Centre - 902 456 500