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    We present the new Naviera Armas points scheme – the ARMAS STYLE card.

    If you belong to the ARMAS STYLE scheme you will be part of a group of special Naviera Armas clients and have access to promotions, as well as to other advantages associated with the ARMAS STYLE scheme.


    To join the ARMAS STYLE scheme, all you have to do is fill in the form in the Sign Up tab, or if you prefer, fill in the form that you will find at any of our offices and hand it in there, attaching a photocopy of your identity card, passport or Foreign Residence Permit.

    After receiving the registration form, duly filled in, and accepting it, we will send you your ARMAS STYLE card free together with the general conditions of the scheme.

    Remember that being a member of the scheme enables you to exchange points for trips with NAVIERA ARMAS, to enjoy the Canary Islands residence discount without having to hand in your documents again to prove it (for members of the ARMAS STYLE scheme who are Canary Islands residents).


    START RIGHT NOW! If you have signed up on our web site, all you have to do is present the receipt that proves you have joined, or get the provisional ARMAS STYLE card from the request form that you'll find at any of our offices. Both receipts will enable you to start to collect points just by presenting them on retrieving your boarding card.

    Call Centre - 902 456 500